AndTidWiki (Android TiddlyWiki);

Mit TiddlyWiki – eine JavaScript-Anwendung, die eine vollständige Wiki-Software innerhalb einer einzelnen HTML-Datei realisiert – Betriebssystemübergreifend in den gängigsten Browsern Notizen verwalten.

Jetzt auch unter Android mit AndTidWiki … :-)


TiddlyWiki a JavaScript-Application, to run a Wiki-system platform independent in common browsers with one HTML-file only.

Now for Android with AndTidWiki … :-)

AndTidWiki :: TiddlyWiki (iTW)

AndTidWiki :: TiddlyWiki (iTW)


AndTidWiki Market-Link


Neu über Menü / new TidlyWiki erstellen und öffnen oder eineTiddlyWiki Datei auf der SD-Karte speichern und eine Verknüpfung zur Datei erstellen.


Use menu / new TidlyWiki to create a new one and open or just copy a TiddlyWiki-file to sdcard and create a shortcut to your file.


Can I download a TiddlyWiki HTML file with my android browser?

Yes, open a web page with a direct download link, long press on the link for context menu and select „Save link“. TiddlyWiki HTML file will saved in the download directory of your SD-Card. Example direct download link from An empty TiddlyWiki file

Can I prevent any screen layout issues like text overlays?

The original TiddlyWiki implementation is not optimized for small screen devices. You can …

  • … use TiddlyWiki with horizontal screen orientation.
  • … try to zoom out.
  • … use an adaption for small screen devices like iTW – a TiddlyWiki for iPhone or better anyone wants to support a new TiddlyWiki adaption in more android look and feel like Google reader. :-)


0.9.9 accept file scheme cookies for honeycomb +
      update ad
0.9.8 use browser for non resolveable intents
0.9.7 add default drawable
0.9.6 fix missing ldpi icon
0.9.5 add ad
0.9.4 fix some bugs
0.9.3 add scrollview for small screen devices
0.9.2 handling for non resolvable intents
0.9.1 check for any unsaved changes on back button
0.9.0 include iTW - a TiddlyWiki for small screen devices
      more userfeedback ...
      ... wiki load progress
      ... javascript load progress
      ... javascript save progress
0.8.7 create missing backup directory
0.8.6 filter backup files
0.8.5 add about AndTidWiki
0.8.4 add help for TiddlyWikiMarkup
0.8.3 enable BuiltInZoomControls
0.8.2 progress dialog non-cancelable
0.8.1 ListView Layout
0.8.0 first version to get more useability
0.7.0 intent handling & progress dialog
0.6.0 external link handling
0.5.0 orientation or keyboard for new activity.
0.4.0 minSdkVersion + targetSdkVersion for Android 1.6
0.3.0 ShortCut, link any TiddlyWiki-File
0.2.0 prevent reloading by change configuration
      (orientation or keyboard)
0.1.0 first test version ... :-)

183 Antworten zu “AndTidWiki”

  1. mg sagt:

    Not really but you can create a shortcut (widget) to an AndTikWiki file in another folder.

  2. olli sagt:

    I am currently trying out andtidwiki (coming from ema personal wiki).
    Now having a problem saving advanced options on ICS.

    I can set the options but when I save and then close the wiki file it doesn’t have the options stored. Is this a known problem? It’s quite annoying.

    Which browser engine do you use for html rendering?

    The other things look quite good!

  3. mg sagt:

    @olli; Advance options should be stored in a cookie. I try to resolve this issue many times. I have no idea because my devices works without any problem.

    Browser engine is a customized WebView by OS.

    Thanks for the other things … :-)

  4. Robert sagt:

    I was really happy to see this app available as I use tiddlywiki on my computer (linux) and wanted to use it on an android device as well. Unfortunately it seems to have a bug on my Asus Transformer Infinity TF700T (using latest Jellybean update from Asus). When I edit a tiddler the keyboard become non-functional and I can not input anything.

    This could be a showstopper for me as I may return the tablet if I can not get tiddlywiki working on it.

    I hope you keep up the development!


  5. mg sagt:

    @Robert; A OS WebView is used and should work like the browser for any website. I plan to use a customized version in one of the next plus version (AndTidWiki+). Maybe this will work?

  6. Robert sagt:

    Thanks for the reply. After a couple of additional cold reboots things seemed to have sorted themselves out and it is working now. Perhaps the update I applied from Asus wasn’t fully initialized or something. Anyway, I’ll report back if the problem resurfaces. The only anomaly I’m noticing now is that when typing into a box that has been pinched zoomed, sometimes at the end of the line the keyboard is non-functional until I adjust the zoom.

    If I decide to keep the transformer I will definitely buy AndTidWiki+ . Thanks for a great app!

  7. Markus sagt:

    At first let me say thank you for this nice software that enables me to use my favourite notebook (TiddlyWiki) on Android.
    I’m using AndTidWiki+ on an ASUS Transformer (with keyboard). At the beginning everything works as expected – even the Backspace-Key-, but after doing some editing in a tiddler, hitting the Backspace-Key on the keyboard does not result in deleting the last character, but in terminating AndTidWiki (of course without saving changes ;-). This can be reproduced everytime (You’d be surprised by the creative ways i’ve developed to type without using Backspace-Key).
    Reading the changelog, i can find
    „0.9.1 check for any unsaved changes on back button“
    Could that in any way be related to the problem i have?

  8. mg sagt:

    @Markus; back button is for navigation in the browser history or android application stack and not the backspace-key to delete the character left of the cursor.

    I have a Transformer Prime TF201 with Android 4.1.1 and use the keyboard to edit some text with backspace-button, backspace-button and backspace-button …

    The backspace-button works without any problem?

    What kind of TiddlyWiki do you use?

  9. Markus sagt:

    mg, thanks for your reply. I’m using the standard TiddlyWiki, Version 2.6.6 (16.09.2012), actually pimped with „DisableWikiLinksPlugin“ and „ExportTiddlersPlugin“. The Backspace-Problem also happens without the Plugins.
    The Tablet is an ASUS Transformer TF300T with Android 4.2.1.

    I’ve just done some more extensive testing – for the first 30 Minutes everything was fine, but after that Backspace hit me again. I’ve made a short (10 sec or so) video, that illustrates the problem. I’ll provide you with a download link.

  10. olli sagt:

    thx 4 ur reply. I couldn’t figure out what is wrong with cookies on my device. Therefore I tweaked the options by modifying the html source in a text editor directly.

    There’s another thing I figured out in the meantime. My wiki archive is quite huge now and I started converting it from markdown syntax to tiddly. The problem is the size of the resulting html file after conversion (about 21MB) or the number of wiki pages (~5200 tiddlers). On andtidwiki it loads very slowly (20-30 seconds) and just crashes when I edit something and press save. The tiddly file is working on my desktop computer.

  11. mg sagt:

    @olli; please can you send me the workaround to store the application settings.

    I think your wiki is very large with 21MB and 5200 tiddlers. AndTidwiki is a container to support the offline javascript application and I’m not sure to find a solution for this hard use case.

    Do you try to open your wiki with the native browser by android os? How long does it takes to open?

  12. MarkusF sagt:

    Großartiges Projekt: Tiddlywiki wirklich für die Hosentasche!
    Woran kann es liegen, dass ich damit scheitere, mein mGSD ( mit AndTidWiki auf dem GalaxyTab 10.2 zu speichern?
    Fehlermeldung sagt, dass es kein korrekt kodiertes Tiddlywiki ist?!
    Danke für jeden Tipp.

  13. mg sagt:

    @MarkusF; Ich konnte ein leeres mGSD ohne Probleme auf meinem Asus Transformer Prime T201 verwenden?

    Vielleicht ist die Datei nicht ganz in Ordnung? Einfach mal ein leeres mGSD ausprobieren, um den Fehler weiter einzugrenzen.

  14. MarkusF sagt:

    So war’s: Datei neu eingespielt – funzt! Danke, auch für die schnelle Hilfe.

  15. olli sagt:

    – regarding the options:
    If you have a translation installed, then search for
    merge(config.options,{txtUserName: ""});
    There you can put your username instead of .

    The other options can be found by searching this string:
    // Options that can be set in the options panel and/or cookies
    config.options = {

    you can just set the options to different values and save the html.

    – regarding the huge file:
    my main problem is not that it loads that long but that it crashes when I try to save. This is not reproducible with the normal browser because it does not allow file write access.
    I know that I have a „special“ use case with that many tiddlers. Maybe you can help me nevertheless? I will try to provide a test wiki when I’ve got some time.

  16. Alex sagt:

    Hi, hätte auch gerne die APK per Mail.

    Nutze TiddlyWiki täglich – und jetzt dann hoffentlich auch unterwegs.

    Gruß und vielen Dank!

  17. Julio sagt:


    Thanks for bringing such an excelent piece of software as TiddlyWiki to the Android environment. I will must certainly donate to your hard work.

    I must say that, for all the great design adaptation to the small screen, AndTidWiki has given me much trouble when I try to fix the name options (though not for other user options, such as autosave, wich I can not only activate but is kept along sessions).

    In other words, I have the very same problems described above by Fredrik, Martin, and Albert Riedinger. The only difference is that I have tested AndTidWiki in (just donwloaded it to) two Android devices. And none of them keeps the names (author and iTW user) betweeen sessions.

    One is a tiny Samsung GT-S5360L Smartphone under Android 2.3.6 (Ginberbread.UYLT7) and the other an Acer A110 half-size Tablet Android 4.1.2.

    Since „autosave“ option is saved not only between sessions but also between devices (through Dropbox), while „IserName“ and „UploadUserName“ is lost as soon as the files is closed, I’ve came to conclude that there is a general setting in Android that restes it every time I open it, rather than a cookies issue. What’s your opinion?

    I’ve done everything that you recommended to Fredrik to no avail.

    Regards and thanks for your time & effort!

  18. mg sagt:

    @Julio; Username and the option autosave are cookie issues. Sorry but I am not be able to find a solution. Maybe I will support a configuration by android in a later version.

  19. essig sagt:

    Was wurde von dir geändert bei „update ad“ in 0.9.9?

  20. mg sagt:

    @essig; „update ad“ = Update der admob lib (Werbung).

  21. essig sagt:

    OK. Zeigst Du die Werbung nach wie vor nur im TW Auswahldialog?

  22. mg sagt:

    @essig; ja die Werbung wird nach wie vor nur in der Liste angezeigt.

  23. alex sagt:

    Hy, unterstützt die app splitscreen auf samsung geräten? wäre ein hammer feature.

  24. Farshid Ameli sagt:

    Hi, This is awesome and very useful, but it seems that you stoped developing.
    Is there any new version of it?
    Thanks for your work.

  25. junorw sagt:

    I love your application. I would like to know if the is a possibility to change the size of a font when using a tablet. In my Samsung Note, fonts are too small and pinch to zoom does not work.

  26. thecrackengineer sagt:

    I can’t call this a bug report, but I have noticed something and am wondering if it is an existing bug or if a bug report needs built.
    While I am able to load TW from my extSdCard within ATW, the TW save function does not successfully save a modified TW back to an extSdCard. This is on Android Lollipop on a Samsung Galaxy S4.

    The .apk I have for ATW has the WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE uses-permission spec in AndroidManifest.xml, and I have uninstalled and reinstalled it numerous times, to no avail.

    Is there something that makes use of files on extSdCard work correctly?


  27. Robert sagt:


    i want to use your app, but i have a few questions beforehand.

    1. Since I don’t use any GoogleApps especially not GMS I have no access to the Play Store. Any way of getting an official distributed APK ?

    2. If I buy the app with another device that has GMS installed, can I transfer the APK to My device and it will be still full functional ?

    3. Any chance of relaesing the source code ? Since I normally only install apps with permission „Full Network Access“ if I can review the source code beforehand.


  28. Ivo sagt:

    A menu button is required to create a new TiddlyWiki file. My phone is a Samsung S5. It does not have a menu button. My tablet is a Samsung Galaxy Tab A. It does not have a menu button either. Please do something to fix this problem.

  29. Chris sagt:

    My save location is the internal storage on my phone, not the sd card. How do I change this?

  30. mg sagt:

    Not possible to change default location. Workaround … You can create a shortcut for each TiddlyWiki file for another location.

  31. mg sagt:

    @Ivo; Galaxy S7 support the menu button in one hand mode with displayed navigation buttons. Long press on navigation back will open the menu.

  32. mg sagt:

    @Robert; Sorry but the app is available in Google Play Store only.

  33. mg sagt:

    @thecrackengineer; Sorry but seems to be working with internal storage only.

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